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"Peter has shown many times to be a man of integrity. His main concern has been satisfying the customer but also maintaining the highest Quality level which is very hard at times because doing the right thing right takes time in most situations. Peter has been given assignments and works diligently to complete them even if it is not the best environment. He is a man of integrity." - John Richardson

You can count on Peter. He will always get the job done and never let you down! He managed the program office for the AT&T Mobility former Cingular Wireless account. With his intense focus on customer satisfaction and process, the optics business unit grew its market share. I recommend him to be part of anyone’s team." - Ivan Schonwald

"I have known Peter for a very long time and worked with him for many years at Alcatel. He is one of the most responsive and professional people I know. Peter is top notch." - Jim Nalley

Here are just a few student testimonials: "My experience at Mindbender was great. When I first heard of it I thought it was going to be boring, but it was really exciting. I made new friends at lunch talk between experiments. We got to build cars, experiment with tidal waves and see the effect on the economy. We got to play fun games while also learning. Mindbender taught me things I've never thought of, but that's what made it great."
Justin Gipson, 6th grader, Pioneer Heritage Middle School

Mindbender Academy gave me so many opportunities to explore math and science. I had no idea the numerous occupations that involved science and math. At first, I thought it would be boring my first year, but I had never done the fun activities that were created for us and I couldn’t wait to go back the next year. Not to mention winning third in my first balloon car race ever. But the best thing about the program is it made me look at these subjects in a whole new perspective." Shayla Bond, 6th grader, Roach Middle School

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