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Accountable Leadership


Accountable Leadership is an integral part of anyone's personal growth. Peter accomplishes this type of leadership through giving back in various ways and speaking at conventions, conferences, churches, workshops and summits to name a few.


Public Speaking is a passion Peter pursues in order to encourage and energize people to meet the challenges of the world around them. Peter skillfully incorporates his military experience and compelling life story into the core of his message to all that attend his speaking engagements and workshops.

Giving Back is key to Peter's life and journey. Peter's accountable leadership values are shared through volunteering at numerous organizations. One area that he offers to the community is his youth mentorship initiatives. Peter believes we should continuously look for ways to encourage our youth to not be complacent, always aim high, achieve, step outside of their comfort zone, and to actively look for opportunities to make a positive impact in our community and on the world, we live in.

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